Hanatsubaki magazine - January 2007
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W: Footprint Shoe Rack

The perfect solution for city living where space is at a premium and stylish interiors have to work as well as look good. Charlotte Tangye's Footprint shoe rack is one of those products - it solves the heap of shoes by the front door, the flip-flops that sit disgarded under the table, and show off the Rupert Sanderson heels that deserve to be on display.

Tangye says, "There seemed to be a real gap in the market for space saving shoe storage that was functional, convenient, attractive and fun. The Footprint idea was inspired by hanging kitchen storage and I thought the same principles could be applied to shoes: storing them vertically to create the maximum amount of storage in the smallest amount of space." She takes the logic further saying, "The design was inspired by wire coathangers - just as coathangers are the shape of shoulders as the most effective way to hang clothes, so it seemed natural for effective shoe storage to be shaped like feet."

The practicality of the product is another clever selling point as Footprint is modular allowing multiple extensions to be added vertically and horizontally. As an attractive display as well as a storage rack, it succeeds in celebrating the decorative potential of shoes. Thank god there'll be no more tripping over a mound of your favourite trainers.

Cat Green

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